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Troika Bandits Want More from Greece

Troika Bandits Want More from Greece

by Stephen Lendman

The devil in Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington wants its due. Everything gotten so far from Greek self-mutilation isn’t enough.

Loan sharks of last resort operate this way - by their own rules with no deviations. Who knows how many more pounds of flesh they’ll demand - all they can get until Greece is entirely pillaged and economically destroyed, its people left in greater duress than already, on their own.

On Monday, talks began in Athens to clear remaining hurdles before Troika officials release any bailout funds. They demand more.

On Friday, the IMF said about 16.5 euros still to disburse under an existing agreement with Athens is now outdated, according to the Financial Times. They’re off the table.

It explained “negotiations between Athens and the IMF could take months. But the decision to pursue a new IMF programme means eurozone leaders may have to open talks on granting Greece significant debt relief much earlier than originally anticipated, since the IMF will not sign on to a new programme unless eurozone lenders agree to restructure their bailout loans.”

“That could lead to political difficulties in Germany, which has fiercely resisted writedowns to levels the IMF has been demanding.”

On Sunday, the FT said Troika officials want greater access to Greek ministries than apparently agreed to earlier. They sent lower-level negotiators to Athens instead of top ones SYRIZA expected.

According to the FT, it’s “the latest sign of concern among Greece’s creditors that, despite the summit agreement two weeks ago to restart talks, there remain deep differences on the way forward that could still derail negotiations before an August 20 deadline.”

They’re raising the bar. They want more - additional pounds of flesh before agreeing to release bailout funds.

Greek concessions so far were prerequisites to begin new talks - as well as getting a 7 billion euro bridge loan so its banks could hand most of it back to the ECB and IMF in debt service.

Troika officials now say Greek parliamentarians must legislate further “reforms,” according to the FT. Disbursing bailout funds depends on agreeing to even stiffer austerity and other demands than already.

One Troika official involved in talks said “(t)his, at present, is the big fat issue. They do not want to understand that there will be yet another significant package of ‘prior actions’ before any disbursement. They already have implementation fatigue after two mini-bills.”

Germany especially wants another round of so-called “prior actions” - measures Troika officials demand agreed to by Greek parliamentarians.

Significant differences remain between both sides - including haggling over how much access to  Greek ministries to allow, what Athens venue will host talks, and how much more punishing austerity SYRIZA is willing to permit.

Having rolled over twice in two parliamentary votes, it looks like an easy mark for more. Troika officials indicated bailout disbursements depend on it. 

They want Athens surrendering unconditionally to all their demands - including future ones, a bottomless pit of looting, so far with complaint Greek governments since crisis conditions erupted.

SRYIZA is like the rest - going along against the interests of its own people until there’s nothing left to pillage, Grexit becomes reality after defaulting on its odious debt becomes Athens’ only remaining option, and recovery looms more distant than ever - while ordinary people starve.

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Assad Vows to Defend Syrian Homeland

Assad Vows to Defend Syria’s Homeland

by Stephen Lendman

Syria is one of many direct and proxy wars Obama continues waging - breaching his campaign pledge to restore peace.

His agenda is polar opposite - raping, pillaging and destroying one country after another, new targets always in mind, perhaps directly confronting Russia and/or China before leaving office.

Bodies piling up worldwide attest to his barbarity - a rogue leader risking global conflict, even nuclear confrontation, influenced by neocons infesting his administration and Congress - deploring peace, wanting endless wars.

On Sunday, Assad addressed officials and members of public organizations, vocational syndicates, as well as industrial, trade, agriculture and tourism groups.

Western, Israeli and anti-Assad Arab leaders call his responsible self-defense “terrorism.” Atrocities committed by extremist takfiris is democracy building, Assad explained.

Independent observers following events since conflict began nearly four and a half years ago know there’s nothing civil about ongoing war. It’s Obama’s aggression letting IS and other terrorist groups do his dirty work.

Supplemented by US warplanes supporting them, bombing Syrian infrastructure, and now Turkey intervening on the phony pretext of combating IS, the same elements they’re harboring and funneling cross-border to fight Assad.

Obama’s war OF terror wants pro-Western puppet governance replacing Assad. “How could those who spread (these terrorist) seeds…combat it,” Assad explained.

Anyone “want(ing) to combat terrorism could do it through rational and realistic policies based on justice and the respect of peoples’ will of determining their future, managing their affairs, restoring their rights on the basis of spreading knowledge, combating ignorance, improving economy, raising awareness of the society as well as developing it.”

“Changes of the West cannot be counted on as long as they follow the  double-standards policy. (W)e have not depended but on  ourselves since the first day, hoping good intentions from the real friends of the Syrian people.”

Russia and China represent important Security Council “safety valve” protections against US-led Western nations wanting the body used to facilitate imperial aggression against countries like Syria, Assad explained.

“Our approach has always been the response to all initiatives that we receive regardless the intentions because the Syrian blood is above all else and halting war is a priority,” he added.

“After years of war, the Syrian people (remain) resilient, sacrificing for the sake of the homeland, and if they had wanted to give up, they would not have waited all this time and paid as much as that.”

“Any political presentation that does not essentially rely on combating terrorism and ending it is practically ineffective.” 

“Countries supporting terrorists have increased their support to them recently and in some cases, they directly intervened to back them.” 

Assad praised Iran and “our faithful brothers from the Lebanese Resistance” for supporting Syria’s struggle against Western-backed aggression. All parts of the country are “precious and invaluable,” he said - all equal in demographic and geographical importance.

A huge chasm exists between Western recruited and supported terrorists committing daily atrocities and internal opposition elements engaged with government authorities to end conflict diplomatically and protect the territorial integrity of their homeland.

Reality on the ground consists of foreign imported terrorists v. millions of Syrians wanting peace, not war; security, not instability; safety to raise children and protect family members.

State institutions continue providing whatever help they can despite ongoing war, said Assad. Anonymous soldiers and civilians work tirelessly “to provide the requirements for life,” he explained.

“We are in a crucial stage where there are no compromises and hesitation is equal to defeatism, cowardice and treason…No relinquishment of any inch of land or rights (is tolerable). We will not be slaves, but we will be independent masters of our country, capabilities and rights.”

“We as Syrians will be able to save our country from what is being hatched against it only if everyone of us feels that this battle is his own, and that he is concerned with his homeland, city, village and home before others, and that he is concerned with the territorial integrity of his homeland and with preserving the coexistence.”

“Promises from outside for those living there will remain mere illusions as long as there are brave soldiers in the Army and Armed Forces defending their homeland, fighting in the hardest circumstances and dying for Syria to survive.”

“This homeland is ours and defending it is our duty.” Sunday’s public address was Assad’s first since sworn in after winning reelection in June 2014 with overwhelming popular support.

The vast majority of Syrians want no one else leading them. “We are not collapsing,” Assad stressed. “Defeat does not exist in the dictionary of the Syrian Arab army.”

He explained the importance of maintaining control over “critical areas.” Concern for our soldiers force(d) us to let go of some” others. At the same time, “(e)very inch of Syria is precious,” he stressed.

Assad’s address followed his granting amnesty to thousands of army deserters and draft dodgers on Saturday. Defeating terrorism and restoring peace are his top priorities.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Saudis Keep Bombing Yemen After Declaring 5-Day Halt

Saudis Keep Bombing Yemen After Declaring 5-Day Halt

by Stephen Lendman

Four months of US-orchestrated, Saudi-led terror bombing along with imported takfiri terrorists and other pro-Western elements waging ground war left thousands of Yemenis dead (mostly civilians deliberately targeted), many more thousands wounded, and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster, according to ICRC officials.

Last week, Riyadh announced a five-day humanitarian ceasefire beginning Sunday night local time - while it continues blocking most aid from entering the country. 

Its goal along with Washington’s is starving Yemenis into submission. So-called humanitarian pauses are farcical when announced - thinly veiled PR stunts fooling no one. Nothing on the ground changes. Saudi-led aggression continues.

Its forces along with anti-Houthi ground elements violated several previous ceasefires straightaway. Pre-dawn Monday was no different. 

Saudi terror bombing continues unabated - including against Lahij province civilian targets. A Hajjah province medical center was struck.

A senior Houthi official denied reports about the Ansarullah movement rejecting the latest announced truce. Houthi leader Abdel-Malek Al-Houthi posted a Twitter message saying “(t)he battle goes on and the war is not over” - meaning announced short-term pauses resolve nothing. 

Peace depends on Obama calling off his Saudi-led proxies. Yemeni resistance wants freedom from external, largely Western, dominance. Otherwise the liberating struggle will continue.

Ansarullah political bureau member Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said Riyadh continues arming Al-Qaeda and other takfiri terrorists under the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid it systematically blocks.

“Most cargos sent by the Saudi planes to Aden do not include humanitarian aid,” said Bukhaiti. “Rather they are weapons and military equipment sent to the terrorist groups, especially al-Qaeda. The Yemeni nation doesn’t need Saudi Arabia's assistance, but it needs the end of the siege imposed by Riyadh and its allies.”

After four months of Saudi-led terror bombing along with blocking most vitally needed humanitarian aid, killing thousands of civilians, destroying Yemeni infrastructure and other non-military targets, as well as blaming Houthis for its aggression, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon refuses to condemn its premeditated war without mercy.

He continues calling on all parties to exercise maximum restraint instead of forthrightly denouncing US-orchestrated, Saudi-led terror bombing, importing takfiri terrorists for ground fighting, supporting in-country Al-Qaeda elements for the same purpose, enforcing blockade to deny humanitarian aid, and continuing slow-motion genocide against the Yemeni people.

Ahead of Sunday’s already breached ceasefire, he “welcome(d) the announcement,” according to a statement by his spokesman. Again he urged “all parties to exercise maximum restraint (and) comply fully with their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians…”

Conservative estimates indicate well over 5,000 killed, at least double or triple that number injured - besides unknown numbers perishing from starvation, untreated wounds and diseases, lack of clean water and overall deprivation in a conflict showing no signs of ending. Not as long as Obama orders fighting continued.

As expected, Saudi-controlled media blamed Houthis for violating the latest ceasefire - ignoring Kingdom warplanes continuing terror bombing attacks unabated.

Riyadh aggression is considered humanitarian intervention. Legitimate Houthi resistance is called “terrorism.” 

Nothing in prospect suggests ending conflict diplomatically. Obama wants unconditional surrender. Houthis want their sovereign independence respected.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Saudi King Salman arrived in France for a three-week Riviera holiday - along with an entourage of about 1,000, including royal family members and heavy security.

To accommodate them, over a half mile of public beach was cordoned off for their use. Illegal construction was completed in advance. A cement platform was built on the beach for an elevator to Salman’s villa. It’ll be removed when he leaves.

Two Saudi Arabian Airlines 747s brought the king and his entourage to Nice airport. Inner circle family members are staying in luxury Vallauris village accommodations. Hundreds of others are in Cannes 5-star hotels.

Not everyone is happy about their presence. Over 100,000 people signed a petition protesting the “privatization” of beachfront property during their visit.

Salman will enjoy all the luxury money can buy while his military continues murdering Yemenis to please him.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Cleveland Police Attack Black Activists

Cleveland Police Attack Black Activists

by Stephen Lendman

Blacks know Jim Crow remains virulent in America - 1960s civil rights laws did nothing to curb police brutality largely against Black and Brown people.

On Friday through Sunday, hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists from around the country met in Cleveland for the inaugural Movement for Black Lives convention.

Information about the event said it was organized “at a pivotal time for the growing movement for Black lives in the United States.” 

“Black people are facing unabated police violence, increasing criminalization, a failed economic system, a broken education system and the loss of our communities to gentrification and development. Our trans and queer communities face the increased risk of physical and economic violence. The list of indignities regularly faced by the Black community is long and untenable.”

Anti-police brutality street protests reflect resistance against what no one should tolerate anywhere. When federal, state and/or local governments abuse their citizens, activism in their own self-defense matters most.

“(O)ur need for space to begin the creation of a collective mission that matches the intensity, scale, urgency, and promise of the moment” is vital. “This convening presents an opportunity for us to reflect on our histories of struggle, build a sense of fellowship that transcends geographical boundaries and begin to heal from the many traumas we face,” movement organizers said.

“Open, and created by many voices, The Movement for Black Lives Convening will be a space to realize that promise fully on our terms as Black people.” They’re urged to get involved for their own welfare and futures.

When activist movements demand redress for longstanding grievances, uncaring authorities respond harshly. Rampant police brutality needs no explaining. More below on the latest example.

In 2013, an ACLU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit revealed intrusive FBI surveillance of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists nationwide. One internal document called them “domestic terrorists.”

Homeland Security, the FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Domestic Security Alliance Council and even the Federal Reserve (representing Wall Street clout) working jointly with state and local police undermined the movement. 

It failed to achieve long sought social justice. Energy driving early activism waned. Organized federal, state and local actions neutralized it effectively.

The same government agencies target Black activists. FOIA obtained documents show Homeland Security began monitoring Black Lives Matter organizers and activities since summer 2014 Ferguson, MO protests against police murdering Michael Brown.

Peaceful protests and gatherings are closely watched wherever they occur. Local authorities are involved - aiming to undermine movements for justice before they gain traction.

First Amendment freedoms are flagrantly violated - including unrestricted expression, peaceful assembly and right to petition government for redress of grievances systematically ignored.

When Black American activists and supporters are considered “domestic terrorists,” police state ruthlessness overrides constitutionally mandated rights. They exist only for rich and powerful elites.

What’s ongoing isn’t new. Decades earlier, COINTELPRO tactics followed J. Edgar Hoover’s orders to infiltrate, disrupt, sabotage, and destroy activist movements for ethnic justice, racial emancipation, and real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines.

Secretive, mostly illegal FBI counterintelligence activities targeted political dissidents, including communists; anti-war, human and civil rights activists; the American Indian Movement; and Black Panther Party among others.

Black Lives Matter activists are in the eye of the storm. Cleveland police targeted some of their Movement for Black Lives participants violently.

Hundreds from across the country came to discuss police repression and social injustice Blacks in America face virtually everywhere - in large and small cities, urban and rural areas. 

After concluding Sunday activities, dozens of activists symbolically demonstrated publicly. Video evidence showed police targeted them violently - pepper-spraying them repeatedly without cause. Arrests followed, including a 14-year-old boy, later released to his family with activists chanting “(W)e love you.”

Local organizer Malaya Davis said “Cleveland looks just like Ferguson, looks just like Baltimore, looks just like all of these places (with) high (levels of) oppression. We wanted to highlight that and bring some attention to what's going on in this city and the state of Ohio as well.”

Police brutality in America is longstanding. Killer cops operate with impunity. Violence against peaceful protesters for justice is commonplace. Sunday in Cleveland was the latest example.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zoo Animals May Starve in Greece

Zoo Animals May Starve in Greece

by Stephen Lendman

Economist Joseph Stiglitz says Troika demands for more bailout funds “make no sense either for Greece or its creditors.” The so-called “third memorandum” will devastate economic and financial conditions more than already.

The entire scheme is misguided, Stiglitz explains. Structural adjustment programs loot countries instead of helping them - “turning downturns into recessions, recessions into depressions,” wherever they’re imposed, says Stiglitz.

Greece’s future includes increasingly unrepayable debt peonage, greater unemployment and poverty with diminishing resources for vital public services.

“Austerity is largely to blame for Greece’s current depression” - deepening as more demands are imposed. Conditions are “like a 19th century debtors’ prison, Stiglitz stresses. “Just as imprisoned debtors could not make the income to repay, the deepening depression in Greece will make it less and less able to repay.”

Troika mandated demands won’t work. Greece’s third bailout will fail like both previous ones. Expect “depression without end, unacceptable levels of unemployment (and poverty, as well as) ever growing inequality,” Stiglitz maintains.

Instead of helping Greece recover through economically sound policies, Troika bandits will keep “(b)lam(ing) the victim” like they always do.

Things are so bad Athens zoo animals may starve. On the one hand, scarce resources can’t provide for human needs.

On the other, capital controls impede supplying imported dietary supplements (not available domestically) for about 2,200 animals.

Attica Zoological Park founder Jean-Jacques Lesueur says lives of dolphins, seals, penguins and numerous other species are “endangered.” With capital controls in place prohibiting money transfers into or out of the country, suppliers demand full pre-payment before filling orders.

“From the first moment of capital controls, our three main suppliers informed us that every food shipment has to be fully paid in advance. We only have two weeks to receive a big fish shipment,” Lesueur explained.

France, Germany and the Netherlands are Greece’s main suppliers of specialized food items not found domestically - including beta carotene-rich pellets, fish and worms essential to feed flamingos.

Attica Zoological Park is Athens only zoo - home to more than 340 species, mostly birds. Normally it attracts many thousands of visitors annually. Crisis conditions exacerbated by capital controls took its toll on attendance - besides increasing human suffering nationwide to pay bankers and other large creditors ahead of all other obligations.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israel Attacks Islam's Third Holiest Site

Israel Attacks Islam’s Third Holiest Site

by Stephen Lendman

Nothing is too outrageous for rogue states run by racist criminals. Cold-blooded murder, vicious assaults, mass arrests and imprisonments for political reasons, torture and other forms of abuse are institutionalized practices.

Israel gives Judaism a bad name. More proof came Sunday morning. soldiers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, firing tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at nonviolent worshipers to clear way for extremist Jews to access Islam’s third holiest site where they don’t belong.

Israel has no shortage of synagogues for worshipers to pray any day of the year for any reason. Forcibly entering a Muslim holy place with plenty of supportive military muscle constitutes a criminal act.

Settlers came on a Jewish fast day (Tisha B’Av - marking the destruction of Jerusalem, two holy temples and other ancient tragedies).

Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were injured - from tear gas and pepper spray inhalation, rubber-coated bullet injuries, and beatings with rifle butts and other blunt objects.

Soldiers entered the compound’s Moroccan, Chain, and Hutta Gates, closed them with chains, and attacked Muslim worshipers inside the holy site.

Palestinian security guards were assaulted and overwhelmed by brute force - prevented from protecting their own people.

Notorious racist agriculture minister Uri Ariel (wanting all land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea exclusively for Jews) entered the compound along with other extremist Jews.

Earlier Sunday morning, Israeli forces restricted Muslim worshipers wanting access to Al-Aqsa to men aged 50 or over and women. After 6:30AM, all Palestinians wanting entry were denied.

Israel reportedly wants the compound open to non-Muslim worshipers. It’s where Jews believe the first and second temples once stood.

Since occupation began in June 1967, Israel agreed not to allow non-Muslim prayer in the area - only at the adjacent Western Wall, the second temple’s remaining remnant.

Israeli pledges are worthless. Extremist Jews regularly enter the compound - heavily protected by soldiers and police, justifiably enraging Muslim worshipers.

Separately on Saturday, Jewish settlers assaulted a Palestinian child near al-Ghawanma Gate leading to Al-Aqsa’s compound. Intervention by other Palestinians witnessing what happened saved him.

At the same time, Jewish settlers performed Talmudic rituals at the King Faisal and al-Qattanin Gates. Right-wing Jewish groups urged them to storm Al-Aqsa’s compound.

They demanded Muslims be entirely excluded from Saturday evening to sunset Sunday - as well as from 7:30 - 11:30AM for provocative scheduled Israeli tours this Monday through Thursday.

Extremist Jews want Al-Aqsa destroyed - replaced by a Jewish temple, a notion justifiably enraging all Islam. A Knesset measure proposed dividing the compound into Jewish and Muslim sectors - an idea Palestinians reject.

A Final Comment

Israeli violence against Palestinians occurs multiple times daily throughout the Occupied Territories. The IDF intermittently bombs Gaza targets at its discretion or attacks them by ground incursions.

Israeli soldiers attack weekly Friday Bil’in village nonviolent protests against the illegal apartheid wall and settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

They march peacefully, carry Palestinian flags, demand all political prisoners be released and call for Palestine’s liberation.

They demand Israeli criminals be held accountable in international tribunals. They want Palestine freed from repressive rule.

On Friday and Saturday, Israeli forces attacked Silwad, Betunia, Nabi Saleh and Kufur Qaddoum village residents. Many were injured.

Homes were invaded so soldiers could fire on Palestinians from rooftops. During the week ending July 15 alone, Israeli forces conducted 30 forceful incursions into West Bank Palestinian communities - arresting 28 nonviolent victims, including seven children.

Daily persecution targets millions of Palestinians wanting only to live on their own land in peace - free from militarized occupation, denying them fundamental rights everyone deserves.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Proposed US Legislation Mandating Child Vaccinations

Proposed US Legislation Mandating Child Vaccinations

by Stephen Lendman

Vaccines work as intended for drug company profits - at the expense of human health. They’re inherently unsafe. More on this below.

Others will have to decide if Rep. Frederica Wilson (D. FL) means well or not. She calls herself “a voice for the voiceless.”

She was a teacher, a local school board member and elementary school principal “st(anding) up for the health of her students by opposing the construction of an environmentally dangerous waste facility” close to her school.

So why as Florida’s 24th district representative did she introduce HR 2232: Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015? Maybe she doesn’t know vaccines can cause diseases they’re supposed to prevent.

Dr. Viera Scheibner is a world renown vaccine expert. Her research shows drug companies produce pseudo-science inconsistent with hard evidence revealing vaccine dangers.

Numerous peer-reviewed studies show they can cause an array of degenerative diseases, anaphylaxis, infections, behavioral problems and other serious health issues.

Vaccines don’t immunize, Scheibner explains. They can damage internal organs and leave children or adults vulnerable to severe autoimmune diseases - including diabetes, arthritis, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, polio and numerous others.

They’re a potential minefield of future trouble. Some vaccines can kill. Others risk a lifetime of disability and pain. Autoimmune diseases result from toxins in drugs, food, air, water and other unsafe ingested substances.

Thousands of severe adverse vaccine reactions occur annually - including permanent disabilities and at times death. None of this gets reported. Instead, the myth of safe vaccines and importance of getting them persists.

They’re dangerous, unreliable and should be avoided - causing diseases they’re supposed to prevent. Claims otherwise are patently false. No evidence supports them.

No one should be forced to be vaccinated despite all US states requiring them - with exemptions (varying by states) for persons susceptible to adverse reactions, religious, philosophical or personal reasons, as well as legal challenges.

Government immunization policies are driven by politics, not science or public health concerns - except in cases of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Vaccines are biological weapons able to weaken or destroy human immune systems. Scheibner is clear and unequivocal saying “there is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases. To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects” harming human health.

US politicians have a long history of conspiring with corporate interests benefitting them at the expense of human health and welfare. Harmful GMO foods and ingredients perhaps are the best known examples.

Too few people know about vaccine hazards. Perhaps Rep. Wilson is one of them. If HR Res. 2232 becomes law, all children nationwide will be required to have HPV (human papillomavirus), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rotavirus, annual flu shots and many other vaccinations. Until now, it’s been up to states to decide. Those not complying with federal law risk losing Public Health Services Act authorized “preventative health services” grants and perhaps others. 

Parents not wanting their children vaccinated would be violating federal law, leaving them vulnerable to prosecution besides not letting them enroll their children in school. Exemptions for reasons explained above would be hard or impossible to get.

America already is a police state. Mandating harmful vaccines would let politicians and bureaucrats make health decisions over medical professionals. 

It would violate the American Academy of Pediatrics code of ethics - requiring parental consent for any medical procedure. 

“(P)arents or other surrogates (should) provide informed permission for diagnosis and treatment of children with the assent of the child whenever appropriate,” AAP says.

Politicians and bureaucrats should stay entirely out making health decisions for anyone but themselves.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Unprecedented Human Suffering in Yemen

Unprecedented Human Suffering in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

Yemen is Obama’s war - planned months before conflict began, using Saudi and other regional rogue state partners as proxies, doing America’s dirty work, wanting Yemen returned to US client state status at the expense of thousands of mostly civilian deaths so far (many more than officially reported) and unprecedented human suffering, according to the ICRC.

It issued a press release expressing alarm over intensified conflict, saying:

“The suffering of the civilian population has reached unprecedented levels. More than 100 days into the crisis, severe shortages of water, food and fuel continue across the country, together with airstrikes and fighting on the ground,” ICRC Yemen delegation head Antoine Grand explained.

“The last two weeks have seen an intensification of fighting in the southern governorates of Aden and Taiz where it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to reach affected areas, to evacuate the dead and the wounded and to provide life-saving assistance.”

“We remain ready to facilitate the evacuation of the dead and wounded - as we are currently doing in both Aden and Taiz - and to visit detainees on both sides, but all parties must facilitate our access and respect our mandate.”

The ICRC has 262 personnel in Yemen - 144 in Sanaa (the capital), 70 in the southern port city Aden (Yemen’s second largest city), 36 in Saada governorate and 12 in Taiz (the nation’s third largest city).

Well over a million Yemenis were displaced so far - thousands more daily. More than 80% of the population desperately needs humanitarian aid. US-supported Saudi blockade prevents most vital supplies from entering.

Terror bombing and imported takfiri terrors continue ravaging and destroying the region’s poorest country before conflict began.

Over half of Yemen’s 24 million people live on less than $2 a day with no access to clean water. Pre-conflict child malnutrition was severe - much worse as war rages.

Most Yemenis today are food insecure. They don’t get enough to eat. Around of 90% of food needed is imported - greatly impeded by Riyadh’s blockade.

Vitally needed medicines, medical supplies and equipment, fuel and other essentials aren’t getting in as needed - small amounts only.

Saudis are willfully bombing residential neighborhoods and other civilian sites, including the Mazraq refugee camp in Hajjah province.

Banned weapons are used, including toxic chemicals and US-supplied cluster munitions. On Friday alone, Saudi terror bombing murdered 120 Taiz residents, injuring at least 150 others.

A Riyadh-announced five-day truce beginning Sunday night local time is meaningless. It violated two earlier ones straightaway - blaming Houthis for its duplicity. Its proxies on the ground continued fighting. Don’t expect them to stop this time.

An official statement said Saudi forces reserve the right to resume fighting in response to continued Houthi military activity - true or false, even if it’s defensive against imported takfiri attacks.

Separately, Saudi helicopters terror bombed their own territory - targeting Akhdoud, Najran region residential districts bordering Yemen.

The Ahrar al-Najran opposition movement gained control over Akhdoud. A local activist said Riyadh seeks revenge by targeting noncombatant civilians -the same tactic used in Yemen.

It annexed Najran earlier along with other areas bordering Yemen. Another local activist said “(t)he Najran tribes in a statement declared war against the occupying Saudi regime, stressing that the House of Saud represents corruption on the Earth and sheds the blood of innocent people across the globe in a very routine and normal manner.”

Riyadh uses US-made weapons to terror-bomb Yemen daily, arm regional Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists, along with targeting its own people wanting international law guaranteed rights they’re denied.

The US Defense Department just authorized the sale of hundreds more air-to-ground missiles so Riyadh can continue terror-bombing Yemen and internal areas at its discretion.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest arms buyers. It significantly increased purchases in recent months. So far this year, it’s the world’s top importer of weapons and munitions.

Many are used to murder Yemenis - Obama’s latest atrocity putting an entire population at risk. Who does he have in mind to attack next?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

$1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb

$1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb

by Stephen Lendman

When investing becomes gambling, bad endings follow. The next credit crunch could make 2008-09 look mild by comparison. Bank of International Settlements(BIS) data show around $700 trillion in global derivatives.

Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total notional derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion - about 20% more than in 2008, beyond what anyone can conceive, let alone control if unexpected turmoil strikes.

The late Bob Chapman predicted it. So does Paul Craig Roberts. It could “destroy Western civilization,” he believes. Financial deregulation turned Wall Street into a casino with no rules except unrestrained making money. Catastrophic failure awaits. It’s just a matter of time.

Ellen Brown calls the “derivatives casino...a last-ditch attempt to prop up a private pyramid scheme” - slowly crumbling under its own weight.

For years, Warren Buffett called derivatives “financial time bombs” - for economies and ordinary people.

Unless collateralized or guaranteed, their worth depends on the creditworthiness of counter-parties. Earnings on derivatives are “wildly overstated,” Buffett explains - because they’re “based on estimates whose inaccuracy may not be exposed for many years.”

When corporate bosses ask financial executives how profits look in any quarter, they, in turn, ask how much do you want, then manipulate things to oblige when told.

Since 2008, too-big-to-fail banks consolidated to much greater size than ever. They’re financial and political powerhouses controlling world economies to their own advantage. 

Civilization’s only hope is smashing them - dismantling them into small, impotent pieces, or ideally putting money back in public hands where it belongs. 

It’s too important to be privately controlled. Financial predators entrap small/weak nations into unrepayable debt peonage like Greece, bleed them dry, and thirdworldize developed ones into dystopian backwaters - while they grow richer and more powerful than ever ahead of the whole corrupt system going bust, decimating billions worldwide in greater human misery than already.

Washington Post editors support what demands condemnation. Don’t worry, be happy, they say. On July 23, they headlined “The Fed’s stance on banks and capital makes good sense.”

Half-intelligent economics students know better. The Wall Street owned, controlled and operated Fed is the problem, not the solution. Monied interests buy politicians like toothpaste. They write business friendly legislation, getting Congress to pass it in return for generous campaign contributions and other special favors.

America’s economy and financial system are house-of-cards disasters waiting to happen. Not according to WaPo editors.

“(T)he US financial system has made significant progress toward being less bailout-prone since” the dust settled on the 2008-09 crisis, they said.

“(B)ig banks are considerably better capitalized than” half a decade earlier - enough to “withstand (another) ‘Great Recession.”

The source: The Wall Street controlled Fed’s last ‘stress test’ assessment made public in March - ignoring the monstrous derivatives ticking time bomb weighing them all down along with the entire financial system.

WaPo editors endorse too-big-to-fail banks. They tout so-called “economies of scale and greater ‘soft power’ for US foreign policy.

Near the end of his tenure, Bill Clinton signed legislation repealing Glass-Steagall (the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act - letting insurance, investment and commercial banking merge) and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (permitting unregulated commodity and derivatives trading).

A casino culture of anything goes persists. When counter-parties don’t have funds to pay on demand, bubbles begin deflating. It’s just a matter of time before current market mania ends.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israel Murders Palestinians with Impunity

Israel Murders Palestinians with Impunity

by Stephen Lendman

Israel considers Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem free-fire zones. It’s always open season on Palestinian lives - 17 murdered so far this year by Israeli security forces, individuals threatening no one.

A weekly average of 38 others were wounded. Last year, Israel killed 46 Palestinians in the West Bank alone. 

On Thursday, its forces stormed Falah Abu Maria’s Hebron home - an illegal act they conduct multiple times daily, terrorizing innocent Palestinian family members.

They confronted Maria’s son Muhammad, shot him in the pelvis for no apparent reason and left his son Ahmad injured by shrapnel. Then killed Maria when he tried protecting his sons from soldiers firing indiscriminately.

They shot him multiples times in the neck and chest. He never had a chance. Another son Haidar said “seeing his two sons drowning in their blood, my father couldn't stand idle and started to fistfight with the soldiers who fired live bullets at his chest and he died shortly afterwards.” 

“My father was unarmed when the soldiers decided to kill him, he is just an innocent carpenter, but the Israeli forces don't distinguish between armed and unarmed” Palestinians.

By the time medical help arrived, it was too late. After undergoing surgery, Muhammad is OK in stable condition.

Maria is the third Palestinian killed this month. On Wednesday Israeli forces killed Muhammad Ahmad Alawneh in Birqin village near Jenin. Emergency surgery  couldn’t save him.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demanded international intervention to stop Israeli “organized crimes.”

It wants its officials responsible for cold-blooded murder held accountable in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On July 24, clashes erupted between Maria’s mourners and Israeli security forces. Eight Palestinians were injured.

Israel attacked grieving friends relatives and village residents with rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas. At least three victims required hospital treatment.

Israel closed entrances to Beit Ummar village. Mourners chanted slogans condemning Maria’s murder. They demanded a response to the “crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.”

Maria’s wife said Israeli forces raid the family home and others in Beit Ommar repeatedly. Village residents hold frequent protests against land theft to expand nearby settlements.

Murdering three or more Palestinians monthly is all in a day’s work for thuggish Israeli security forces operating unaccountably. When investigations are conducted, whitewash nearly always follows. Rare exceptions involve symbolic wrist-slap punishments alone.

Palestinians wanting to live free are gunned down in cold blood with virtually no chance for redress. Children are as vulnerable as adults.

Colonization, apartheid, institutionalized racism, militarized occupation and state terror define Israeli policy. So does mass murder and targeted killings at its discretion.

Ruthlessness permeates daily life. Fundamental rights don’t exist. Rule of law principles don’t matter. Militarized brutality affects daily life.

Life in Occupied Palestine includes land sea and air attacks, multiple daily neighborhood incursions, slow-motion genocide, separation walls, checkpoints, ethnic cleansing, targeted killings, bulldozed homes, dispossessions, isolated communities, mass arrests, torture, gulag imprisonment, and denial of fundamental rights guaranteed under international law Israel’s spurns with impunity.

Washington funds its killing machine generously - intends increasing it by nearly 50% beginning in 2018 for 10 years plus extra amounts for various projects.

Israel wages daily war against millions of defenseless Palestinians. They’re no match for its ruthlessness.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.